In this blog we will be talking about Army Medical College female admissions and all the important information you need to know concerning this topic. Army Medical College also known as AMC is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Pakistan. I hope you will find this blog informative.

army medical college female admissions

Army Medical College Female Admissions

There are three different ways to apply for admission in Army Medical College and they are briefly summarized below:

1) Admission by NUMS Entry Test

2) Admission via Paying Cadets (PC’s) { This is only for children of army officers}

3) Admission as Medical Cadets 

Now this is a very important question: as to how can females apply for Army Medical College and in which of the above mentioned programs?

Now lets move onto the answer which is that females can apply for both NUMS Entry Test obviously as well as the Paying Cadets while seeking admission in Army Medical College but they cant apply for Medical Cadets and only males can apply in that.

Another important thing to know about Army Medical College female admissions is that in AMC there is no restriction in the NUMS Entry Test quota as well which is all merit based as well.

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Admission via NUMS and Paying Cadets

NUMS Entry Test will be held on 11th October 2020 and after the test the merit list will be released which will determine the admissions. You can read my blog about AMC Merit List as well.

A separate merit list is released for the Paying Cadets but its known that there is a special quota for children of deceased army officers and overall the paying cadets quota varies but its merit is usually lower than the merit for the NUMS Entry Test for admission in AMC.

Army Medical College female admissions for Medical Cadets isn’t applicable females cant apply there and its reserved for males who will later join the army.



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